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            How to choose the right golf clubs aka what golf clubs should be in your golf bag?

Ask me about the 12 Myths book which is referenced on the bottom of the page. DO NOT buy clubs until you have read this little book. Getting the right clubs for your body and swing is about the fit not the name stamped on the metal.

A recent survey of golfers found that:

  • Over 90% of golfers are playing with the wrong clubs
  • 99% of Golfers who were custom fitted with a launch monitor by me improved their game immediately
  • 90% of my custom fitted golfers hit the ball higher, longer and straighter with the clubs I sell and assemble.
  • all of our clients score lower if they follow our ‘secret sauce system’

Every year new club designs hit the market claiming to be the best and promising more distance. How do you know what claims are fact and what claims are marketing hype? This year some new products have hit the market: Scott Golf, PXG, KZG, Srixon, Golf tech and improved models of the brand name clubs. Fill out the form if you have questions about club companies you have not heard about and which maybe should be in your bag.

Simple answer: the clubs that give the best results for you during testing. The key is to find the best fitter!

There is a tendency by the golfing public to look in the magazines at the paid advertisements and see what the tour pros are playing. Often the purchase decision for a new set of golf clubs is based on those two sources. But it is critical to your golf happiness to understand this: what counts is not the components you buy but the way you are fitted and the way your clubs are assembled. The assembly is as important as the fitting!

Consider this:

  • 1% of the golfers of the world make it to the tours and 99% of the golfers do not make it to the tour.
  • 99% of the golf clubs that are being sold, are designed and modelled after the 1% of golfers who were on the tour?
  • golf clubs being used by amateurs should have a different design philosophy than the golf clubs used by tour players?
  • I build for your game, swing and physique, whether tour level or novice. I will give you the care and individual attention you deserve to improve your game whether you are a beginner, mid/high handicapper, or a scratch golfer!

Why then do so many amateurs buy the brand name clubs that the tour pros are being paid to use?

The answer is simple: we are constantly bombarded by advertising campaigns in print and on television. We tend to purchase things that we are familiar with and the big five companies know that. So they have a huge advertising budget to ensure that we’re familiar with their names and their brands.

Many smaller companies such as Wishon, Miura, Alpha, Infiniti, and so on manufacture and design clubs every bit as good or better than the brands you recognize, but many golfers who have never heard of these companies turn away from them even though it is more about the proper fit than the name stamped on the components. By the way, all components for all companies I sell are made in the same foundries as the big five OEMs.

So how do we decide what is the right club for us? The answer is simple: get fitted by a qualified, certified, and experienced custom club fitter who will base decisions about the club specifications that are best for your swing based upon the results of the fitting. That same fitter should also assemble the clubs for you. I guarantee that you will hit my clubs higher, longer, and straighter and more consistently and if I don’t prove it to you on the launch monitor, I will advise you not to buy my clubs.

I can say with certainty that after 18 years every single person whom I have tested hits my clubs longer. And 99% of the people whom I test with my clubs bought them.

One of the most important decisions is the set make up, or how many of each type of club you will carry in your bag. If you would like some advice about this topic which will save you money and stress fill out the form below. I will send you a link to an amazing little booklet titled: 12 Myths that Could Wreck Your Golf Game. It should be mandatory reading for anyone considering a golf club purchase. If you buy clubs without reading this your will not get the right clubs for your game.

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