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Distance Secrets for Putting More Heat on the Ball!

  1. My customers get between 15 to 40 yards with their drivers
  2. They get on average 25 more yards with their irons
  3. Longer shots off the tee and fairway mean shorter irons into the greens
  4. Clients say my clubs feel better than any other club which promotes more practicing
  5. Customers gain distance which leads to lower scores and more FUN
  6. they hit my golf clubs straighter after a true custom club fitting
  7. When I see my customers I notice one thing they all have in common: a big smile!
  8. A happy golfer with great clubs is a good golfer!



The following specs impact distance the most:

  • Loft of the club
  • length of the club
  • weight of the shaft
  • total weight of the golf club
  • swing weight or MOI
  • shaft flex and bend profile

Once you have had your golf clubs personalized for the above specifications you will hit the ball much further than you are currently. (and straighter) Why because our system ensures center face contact as you can see from the picture a client sent to me.

If you would like more information on how and why the specifications help you hit the ball farther read on below. You will also see an example of my fitting results by reading below. You can also fill out the contact form and I will send you a white paper on how I get and guarantee more distance with all clubs, for all clients as well as ten steps to longer shots.

Loft is a major determinant of distance so many golf club companies are building the irons 4 degrees stronger: in other words nine irons used to be 44 degrees but now many nine irons are 40 degrees which should add 20 yards. Your new nine iron is also longer so it is comparable to an 8 iron from the recent past. The number on the bottom of the club doesn’t affect distance: the actual loft does, changing the loft of the clubs effectively changes the ball flight lower and longer….

…but if you don’t hit the ball in the center of the club face that loft will do you little good and the less loft and the longer the club, the harder it is to hit center face. Loft is your friend in all ways.

  • Well-respected professionals like Jim Hardy and many others have said: the single most important determinant of distance is center face contact. So true custom club fitting must result in center face contact! The club specifications that determine center face contact are: length, lie, shaft stiffness and weight. When the club is fitted, and the club parameters are designed and assembled to your specifications you will get center face contact more consistently.
  • Jeff Summitt, a highly regarded club expert, promotes length as the first and most important variable to get right in the club fitting process. I agree with him because length interacts with most of the other variables in precise ways that leads to more center face contact and therefore to more distance with every golf club in your bag. Were you properly fitted for length first? See below for the right way to fit for length.
  • The impact tape image below came from a fitting with a total novice golfer who had never played one round of golf in his entire 63 years by the date of his fitting. This was the four iron that I built for him. If I can get a total novice to hit a four iron center face, imagine what I can do for your distance!


  • I use my own proprietary method for length fitting based on Jeff’s work and I consider this the secret of my success in getting center face contact for every client. I call the tool in the picture, the Triangulator. (See picture below)
  • After adjusting length, I adjust the other fitting parameters mentioned above, to fit your swing and athletic ability which guarantees center face contact. That pure contact always leads to substantially more distance. I guarantee it!
  • During testing we get the total weight of the club and the balance point of the club perfect for your swing speed which will increase and produce the greatest distance possible.
  • If you would like the best fit possible email me for more information about my fitting process.



My happiness guarantee says this simply: if you do not gain the distance in your golf shots that we expect, I will work with you until you do get that distance whether it be tweaking your clubs or helping you with minor swing changes. I guarantee that you will hit every golf club in the center of the face more often than your current clubs regardless of your skill level. Every single golfer that I have fitted has hit my clubs longer than his older clubs. On average the gains are 25 yards. Clients have gained 15 to 45 yards. You will also.

WANT MORE ON DISTANCE? Want more heat on the ball?

Of course there are many other club variables that contribute to increased distance. Fill out the contact form for a FREE white paper with ten tips to gain 30 yards. It includes personalized custom club fitting tips required for optimal distance and swing and training tips for increased distance. Get the top ten secrets I have used to help my clients go long and the whole truth based on scientific facts about distance for FREE.

Get the best custom golf club fit and the best assembled, personalized golf clubs in the Buffalo, Toronto, and Niagara region. Clients have driven from Ottawa, Huntsville, Bracebridge , Oakville, Newmarket, Aurora, the greater Toronto area, London, Kitchener Waterloo, and of course closer to home from Welland, St. Catharines, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Fort Erie, Port Colbourne, Hamilton, Anncaster, Simcoe and other locations in the Niagara region. Call to book a club fitting and find out why people drive so far to see me.

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