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POWER GOLF CUSTOM CLUB PRODUCTS: Custom means custom in all aspects of your purchase. We carry a large assortment of different clubs to suit every pocket book. The pricing is part of what we customize for you.

Parsons Xtreme Golf has hit a few more home runs by adding to their product line in 2017. They are the best clubs I have ever fit or hit in my 18 years as a club fitter. Here are a few of their new lines: stunning to look at, incredibly addictive to hit. Longer, more forgiving and a fee to die for. Simply the best!


  • Every year companies come out with new and improved models and some of these are worthy of mention. Some new companies show up with the ‘best’ ever golf clubs.
  • You can always tell if a club model is a good one or a great one. The great ones last for a long time without any design changes other than cosmetic. Look for those to know you are getting solid value.
  • Miura is a classic example of how long quality designs last.
  • In this category of long lasting designs, the Wishon 560 has been replaced after over a decade of use. I shot the best golf of my life with this design.(64) Now the 565 is here and it looks very promising.

Below you will see a few of the other products we recommend.

Of note this year are the following new products:

  • Wishon Single Length Irons. Tom has been working on this design for two years and they are taking the world by storm. He has already sold out four foundry orders as our clients are ordering them sight unseen. (pics below)
  • A new company has shown up on the landscape: PXG (Parsons Extreme Golf) with a solid collection of new designs.

bThese beauties are expensive but worth the cost. Call to find out more.

  • Another new design we are carrying is Scott Golf which you will see below. It is also beautiful and easy to mash into space. Worth a look in the mid-price range.
  • As for Mizuno they have some new interesting designs and their driver is to die for and getting rave reviews.
  • Srixon has created some of the best forged heads on the market.

All in all the golf club market is alive and well with many new products to test. Sad to say some of these are on back order and will not be ready for fitting for a while so patience will be required.

Check out the pictures below.

If you would like more details, feel free to call for a phone consultation or fill out the contact form.

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