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Power Golf Custom Club Fitting

Brian & Austin,


Your instructions and club fitting for my PXG driver, 3 Wood and PXG Irons has propelled me into another dimension. I am consistently bombing my driver straight  with an extra 25 – 40 yards of the tee.  My competitors cannot believe the marked improvement in accuracy and distance of the tee with the driver.  In addition, I am hitting the PXG irons on target with over 15 – 20 yards gained.

Thanks to you and Austin for the awesome instructions and fittings…I am now able to compete at the next level.


Port Elgin, ON


Hey Buddy. New (PXG LX) driver if ridiculously straight. Just finished playing and hit 11 fairways!


Just wanted to drop you a line about how fantastic the clubs you made for me are. The more I play with them the more I appreciate them. The ball comes off like a rocket. I’m hitting straighter and longer than ever. I never even feel the ball at impact. Having said all that, the best thing is that each club feels the same which is helped immensely in grooving a repeatable swing. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial.

Dave from Toronto


Just hit the sugar daddy milled wedge for the first time and it is the best wedge I have ever hit! I wish I had never hit it because now my old wedges that I loved and have used for a long time feel terribly wrong and substandard!


Hey buddy played very good today driver is ridiculously straight and I  hit 11 Fairways …

Thank you for making my irons. Can not say enough good things about my new clubs. Shot 75 in a tournament the day after I got them. Thinking about getting a new driver as well.



Just wanted to say that ever since I got (my clubs) I have played 3 rounds so far with the PXG irons I’ve shot 75,76,78 best 3 rounds of my life so obviously you did something right so I appreciate your work.

Question for you , what would it cost me for the driver 0811x, 3 wood and hybrid? I am looking for the 2017 models.

Update from Marco.

Hey buddy thanks for paving the way to success with great clubs but more importantly fundamentals that I can carry for a lifetime.

Update from Pat with impact labels showing consistent center face contact.

I really enjoyed the fitting process and I am excited to come back to pick up my clubs.

Dave from the  Philippines


I really enjoyed the whole process and am excited to get my new clubs.

Eric Niagara Falls NY

I drove 11 hours one from St. Pascal Quebec because I was impressed with your credentials.

Note from Brian: Carl came back a second time even though it cost him two nights in a hotel each trip and over 40 hours of driving. He sent his impact tapes after every  practice session when he got back home to St. Pascal. This the tenth session. Note that we guarantee and deliver on center face contact.

Carl St. Pascal Que.

I enjoyed the fitting process and am eager to pick up the new clubs.

After he picked up his clubs.

I love the feel of the clubs and the consistency. I will be back for the driver and woods.

Dr. Russ Buffalo NY

I played golf with a guy who bought PXGs from you and hit his clubs. I loved them and he could not stop singing your praises so I would like to come in for a fitting.

Joe Long Island NY


I need to come and get fitted because my friend Eric cannot stop talking about you and the fitting process. He is thrilled with his PXG irons and I want a set now.

Mike Niagara Falls New York

The fitting process with Brian was the best golf experience of my life.


I have no issues doing business with someone that delivers an extremely quality product and service as you do.   Here’s to a great golf season


I came in expecting to get new clubs and I left with new clubs and a new better swing. This process was the best golf experience of my life.

Pat Fonthill

I was custom fitted at a major store with Pings and was still unable to hit them very long or straight. My ball flight as a low weak fade. After Brian’s fitting my Driver was 40 yards longer and straighter. My irons gained 25 yards and much straighter. I enjoy golf now and feel better playing weekly with my buddies. They are coming to see you. (note from Power Golf: driver lie did the trick along with right shaft profile.)

Roger, Welland

I have never played golf yet but want to start this season. I am impressed that you were able to get me hitting the ball on the center of the face.

John 63 year old Niagara Falls who has never golfed in his life

John’s impact labels from the first time he hit his custom golf clubs fitted and assembled by Brian.


The smile says it all for Patti who drove four hours from Thornbury Ontario.

Thanks for all your help. Alina got a full ride scholarship to Louisiana. In her third year she was captain of the squad.

Jim, Newmarket

I can hit my seven iron longer and straighter by 30 yards. People see me swing and say what a lovely golf swing I have now.

Lisa: novice golfer Atlanta

Mr. Morrissey

Thank you for all your help with my golf game. I got a full ride to Virginia.

Joy Third place finisher in world Juniors 2005

I have now had a chance to practice and I am so pleased with the irons and driver. I am hitting the irons very well and would not change a thing at the moment. We are back in earnest at school so I will play infrequently now with little time to get out. However, I plan to play at least seven or more times this year.

The sand wedge that is the only remnant of my other irons feels like something from Mars now that I have got the feel of the new irons. What would a sand wedge with the same shaft and grip cost me in US dollars? I am interested in a 56 degree wedge. Once I know the price and am interested, is this something that I could send you a check for the club and once you receive the check mail the club to me? Let me know your thoughts. If you ever need a testimonial about your club-fitting ability, you have a very satisfied customer in me.


William G. Weeks
Clinical Associate Professor
Division Head: Division of Management and Leadership
Medaille College

Follow up from William

I am loving the clubs and impressing all my friends from Canada. Would you place build me a three wood to match the driver?


I am playing better and enjoying the game more than I ever have. I couldn’t be happier with the new clubs and lessons.

Erroll, Ancaster

I am hitting my driver and irons thirty yards longer. Thanks

Jay Aurora

I love the feel of the new clubs. Thanks

Jerry London

Hi Brian

The proof will be on the range and on the course, but the experience so far was both informative, enjoyable and fun…thank you.

I really enjoyed our session today and was buoyed by seeing the ball mark in the center of the club, the  pop and the feeling that each club is like the other as you promised. I will be following up to let you know how things go and to arrange a follow up as discussed.

Best regards

Andrew Oakville

I love my new clubs. Please order me the woods we discussed.

Vivian Ottawa

I was fitted and bought clubs at Modern Golf and loved them. But I could rarely hit the four iron well and my driver distance was around 290 yards. After buying clubs from Brian I hit the four iron consistently on the center of the face and 240 yards.

My driver is now about 310 and all other clubs have increased distance as well by about 30 yards.

Stephen Huntsville.

I had custom clubs built at a modern studio where I paid over $4,000 and they were great clubs as my scores came down to 80 once or twice. After playing Brian’s clubs for one year along with some lessons from him, my lowest score is now 70.

Wayne Bracebridge

I have been playing Brian’s custom clubs for 14 years, and like everyone else, I tinker around with the new editions of branded clubs each year.  I haven’t switched, because I haven’t found a better performing club for my personal needs.  My set was made specifically for me – no one else’s set is exactly the same

Don   an avid golfer: Aurora

I am hitting my new 8 iron 165 yds compared to needing a 6 iron to hit 160 yds in the past. That is a drastic improvement in a short time considering I have been hitting 160 yd 6 irons since I started playing golf 20 years ago .

I have always carried a driver 230 – 240 yds in the air. And at this particular range I could only hope to roll it to the 250 marker. Today for the first time at this range, I was clearly carrying the driver you made for me past the 260 yd marker with crappy golf balls and those drives rolled out to 280 or so.

I am also consistently hitting the ball straighter and my misses are less drastic.

I was fairly certain that something would change with my ball flight if the club maker had strong credentials for club making *and* swing coaching *and*golf fitness but I was very surprised how fast things changed.

Every golf hole seems different now. The game seems different now.

I wish I met you 20 years ago when I first started playing golf.

Mark T: Niagara Falls

Brian, just so you know, when I played last weekend I hit some drives about 40 yards farther than I have been able to in the recent past. My buddies are starting to say they want me to move back to the white tees. Thanks!

Tony, Oak Ridges Tennessee

Follow up email from Tony

Today I shot 75 from the Men’s Tees. I have been playing the Senior Tees for about 6 years, but about a month ago moved back to the Men’s Tees because I decided I wanted a greater challenge. Best round in years. Wow. Brian thanks for the help.


Brian Morrissey…..

is the leading edge golf shaft and golf club fitting EXPERT in Ontario, and the Niagara Falls area.

Brian has shared with me, ALL of his shaft technology and club fitting knowledge, which has enabled me to assist my client base….to play as well as they did…10 years ago!!

So…take advantage of Brian’s ” Secret Sauce” recipe, which will help you hit the ball straighter…..and much FARTHER !!

Al Humphrey
Monroe, GA. USA

After meeting Brian at his performance studio, I was hooked. Already after a few weeks of training and new custom clubs, I gained 15-20 yards on the drive.

After ten winter training sessions and new clubs in hand I am a new golfer. I gained 30 yards on the drive and some on every club… but more amazing is the ability to keep the ball in the fairway at least 80%. To make a long story short, I dropped at least 10 strokes in the first season.

Roland Thomas, 66 and playing better then ever, thanks to Brian