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Straighter More Consistent Shots

  • My clients hit longer shots in the fairway which means shorter approach shots
  • My clients hit shorter approach shots which leads to more GIR
  • My clients hit more greens in regulation which means more pars
  • My clients hit more shots closer to the whole which means more birdies
  • my clients have more one puts and fewer three putts
  • this improved accuracy leads to lower scores for all clients. Guaranteed!

How do I accomplish the above results on a consistent client by client basis?

We fit the following club specifications which lead to more accurate shots:

  • Length
  • lie angle
  • shaft flex
  • total weight
  • head weight and balance point

The major determinant of straighter shots is the same as the major determinant of distance: namely, you must hit the ball in the center of the club face as often as possible. And again you must strike the ball with the leading edge of the golf club perpendicular to your target line and flush with the ground. The club specification that determines whether the club is flush with the ground is lie and so the lie of your golf club is a major determinant of accuracy. However, it is critical to understand that there is a one-to-one mathematical relationship between length and lie and therefore length is as critical to accuracy as it is to distance. If the length is wrong your clubs will need lie tweaking which should not be necessary if you were fitted properly for length and a few other golf club specifications.

If you would like more information on why how and why the specifications help you hit the ball straighter you will see my methods for the most important of those specifications, length. You will also see an example of my fitting results by reading below.

You can also fill out the contact form and I will send you a white paper on how I get and guarantee straighter shots with all clubs, for all clients. Or read on below the contact page for more information on accuracy and consistency.

Because all of us are bound by the laws of science and math I have developed proprietary system for ensuring that the club length, and therefore the lie, is perfect for your setup. I also use this for teaching a biomechanically efficient set up. I call it the Triangulator.


If you would like an explanation of the mathematics behind this system fill out the contact form above. If you are a club fitter, please email me directly if you would like to discuss this.

Fill out the form above if you would like five FREE tips that will lead to greater accuracy. I know these tips work because they have worked for each and every client I have worked with and for me.


The club fitting parameters that improve consistency are:

  • club length
  • lie angle
  • the face angle
  • the swing weight or better MOI
  • shaft flex profile
  • set make up
  • sound and feel

Consistency is primarily determined by length because length determines lie angle of the golf club. As mentioned on the distance page, length and lie angle are intimately related with a one-to-one correspondence mathematically and so if you get the length wrong you’re going to have problems with the lie. I also adjust the other parameters to improve your consistency level. If you get the club specifications fitted and BUILT to your personal needs at my studio, your swing will improve immediately because that eliminates the need for compensations. (Of course we can bend the lie of most clubs but why compensate for the wrong length which will cause other problems as well?)

My clients hit the ball straighter and a much higher percentage of time on the center of the face.

Using the Triangulator ensures proper lie and therefore better contact. Oliver Heuler and other well respected teaching professionals emphasize the need to return the club at impact back to the same lie angle that you used at set up with minor exceptions. If your length is wrong, your lie will be wrong at set up and at impact resulting in wayward shots. Contact will feel mushy and sound terrible. My clients always talk about the great feel and improved contact leading to longer, straighter and more consistent shots. Check out the review section to get the story from the true test of what I do, my clients.

In a few short pictures you will understand why lie and therefore length is so important. Yes, any club shop can adjust the lie if the length is off but once again why compensate for poor length fitting when length can be done precisely from the beginning. Length can negatively affect your swing and interacts with many other variables. If you would like more information fill out the form below for a FREE white paper on getting fitted with clubs that promote consistency.

First examine these pictures and decide which position you would like the club head to be in at impact.


Picture A


Picture B


Picture C

Next and more importantly ask yourself what has caused the golfer in the pictures to set up or to come into impact the way they do. (hint: The answer is in the Triangulator picture above). It is not center face contact because in each of those pictures center face contact would occur.

These positions at impact are symptoms not the cause of the bad lie. To simply adjust the lie is not dealing with the root causes. If you would like a more detailed explanation about how club specifications such as length, lie, flex and weight affect consistency fill out the form below.

To fix anything it is essential to understand the root causes and fix the cause not the symptoms.

The picture below is a tool that I use to explain other goals of club fitting that affect accuracy and consistency. Simply stated my goal in club fitting is to get your blue arrow aligned with the red arrow and you will have consistently straight shots. My goal in swing instruction, once I have the blue arrow aligned with the red arrow is to make sure you align those arrows with the white stick which represents your target line. With the help of the new Foresight Quad launch monitor and testing with different club specs we can get your arrows aligned every time. All of my clients report longer, straighter and more consistent shots. I guarantee it.



Fill out the form below if you would like more information on this model of the D Plane and learn how it impacts accuracy and consistency.

Of course there are many other club variables that contribute to improved consistency. Fill out the contact form for a FREE white paper with five steps to a more consistent game. It includes personalized custom club fitting tips required for optimizing consistency and training tips for improving ball striking.

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