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What is the secret to lower scores?

In one sentence, it is my integrated custom fitting system and my system based on the hexagon of player development. You are not just buying clubs from me but a system which guarantees lower scores and more fun on the golf course. We have a secret sauce that works to lower scores for every client who follows our system.

Golf player at the putting green

What comes first: golf fitness, swing lessons or new clubs.

From Jim McLean, May issue Golf Digest – “No matter how good your instruction is, ill-fitting clubs will sabotage it every time”.

If you would like a more detailed explanation of why custom clubs come before lessons, fill out the contact form and ask for the white paper on first things first for golfers who want to score lower.

So the first step to lower scores is professionally fitted, personalized, custom golf clubs from Power Golf. Read on for more details.


All golfers know that if you hit every green in regulation, the expectation is 36 putts or two putts for each of the 18 holes. It is clear then that if you can hit your iron shots closer to the hole, you will have fewer putts as long as you can make the putts. Given that a par golfer will have 36 putts and 36 other shots in a round of golf it is essential that you can putt consistently. Every client who has been fitted by me for a PXG, Fit2Aim or Seemore putter has putted better immediately.


Of course every green in reg. is theory but in the real world nobody hits every fairway and nobody hits every green. Tour Pros average 66%. It is therefore essential that your short game, chipping and pitching, is at the highest possible level so that you can get up and down when you do miss a green. And of course chipping and pitching close to the hole only helps if you can make the remaining putts, so we have come back full circle to the first paragraph. With the putter and wedge fitting process that I use, every client lowers their scores fast.

It is also obvious to experienced golfers that you cannot afford to take a lot of penalties and still shoot low scores. What this tells you is simple: distance off the tee is not as important as accuracy off the tee. Therefore, when I discuss distance with my clients I try to get them to understand that the important number to track is firstly, how many fairways they hit and secondly what was the yardage.

There is an easy way to track your stats and if you would like a FREE booklet that will help you to track your playing statistics fill out the form below. This booklet will help you plan for better practice sessions. If you don’t assess it is just a guess!  If you would like to learn more about how good golfers go low read on below.

Traits of Better Golfers

For every one of the better golfers that I played with and worked with, they had one thing in common and that is:

  • they practiced more than they played.
  • Their practice sessions were divided up into one third of their time on the range and two thirds around the putting and pitching greens.
  • They loved to practice.
  • They had custom clubs of some sort
  • If you have custom fitted Power Golf clubs that feel good and work well for you, you too will soon develop a love for practicing more which will be a big step towards improving your golf game.
  • they all had great coaches

Many golfers at all levels practice hitting the power shots too much and eventually injure themselves. Clearly that will hurt their game more than it helps. So it is critical to have custom clubs that will minimize the chances of injury and allow you to practice more. No one gets substantially better at golf without a lot of smart practice methods.

cThe cardinal rule of all sports activity is DO NO HARM and my clubs minimize the chances of injury. If you have trouble with that, two words will create the picture you need to remember: Tiger Woods. No one can play golf at their optimal level with an injured body. The body is the most important piece of equipment in golf and in life.

I firmly believe that everyone who is willing to put the time and money into proper equipment, physique work, swing instruction, and practice can shoot par golf or better. I am living proof of that for golfers of all ages even seniors.

Get the best custom golf club fit and the best assembled, personalized golf clubs in the Buffalo, Toronto, and Niagara region. Clients have driven from Ottawa, Huntsville, Bracebridge , Oakville, Newmarket, Aurora, the greater Toronto area, London, Kitchener Waterloo, and of course closer to home from Welland, St. Catharine’s, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Fort Erie, Port Colbourne, Hamilton, Anncaster, Simcoe and other locations in the Niagara region. Call to book a club fitting and/or a phone consultation and find out why people drive so far to see me

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