Integrated Club Fitting
Power Golf Custom Club Fitting

What is my integrated approach to custom club fitting?

Integrated means that I look at all of the factors that lead to game improvement during the club fitting. It takes longer than other systems but, I guarantee a set of clubs that feel the same, play the same with a feel to die for. Everyone who follows my system shoots lower scores faster than any other alternative out there. You will hit more center face shots with our clubs than any other alternative out there. The picture below is from a client, unsolicited. Think he is happy and shooting lower?

Allow me to explain:

All of the clubs in the set I build you will feel the same, play the same and therefore simplify your practice regimen. Because they feel the same and play the same you only have to practice with ONE club. This shortens the learning curve and gets improvement faster than any other alternative out there.

graphI am a certified professional swing instructor in both Canada and the US. I am a certified advanced golf fitness instructor in Canada and I am certified in 3-D biomechanical analysis of the golf swing. I am a certified and qualified AGCP Level 10 custom club fitter. All that I do to help my customers shoot lower scores works because I have done it myself. I know from personal experience what it takes to shoot lower scores.

Here is another look at my handicap card. I have been where you want to go and I can get you there.


Why am I mentioning this? Not just to brag, although I am proud of that card, but to make an important point about club fitting: when I do a club fitting I am constantly monitoring there things:

  • physique issues,
  • swing issues and
  • equipment issues.

During the fitting process, I will point out to you on the Foresight Quad launch monitor which results are caused by which of the three issues. If you don’t know whether it is the swing, the body or the clubs causing the numbers we see in the launch monitor, how we can fix the problem?

As the fitting progresses and we test different clubs, you will see some numbers get better and some numbers don’t get better. It is critical to understand that even the best custom clubs, even  as great as mine, cannot fix everything and I will not try and convince you that they do and I will not try to upsell you to more expensive clubs to convince you that the clubs will make you better by tomorrow.

In fact, what I am selling you is a system for hitting the ball higher, longer and straighter which will lead to lower scores. If you follow my system, you, like every customer I have custom fitted, will hit more center face, will shoot lower scores and I guarantee to work with you until that happens.

No golf club can fix a bad swing but the right golf club can minimize the number of bad swings/results you create and optimize results from the good swings that you make. In short, with my clubs you will swing better, love to practice more, and eventually, that all results in lower scores. Higher, longer, and straighter shots leads to lower scores. Guaranteed.

So Power Golf CCF Integrated Fitting is looking at the golfer as a whole and at golf as a movement utilizing an implement. All three have to by synchronized and optimized to play your best golf.

Another way to look at this is the Hexagon of Player Development which would suggest you need a plan: short term, mid-term and long term in your game improvement journey. This is what is meant by working smarter.


I have been through this system and it worked for me which is why I can guarantee it will work for you. Whatever your golfing dreams are made of I can make them a reality.

If you would like to discuss those dreams: call for a FREE no obligation phone consultation or fill out the contact form for a white paper of golf game improvement. Spend a lot of time on this website for a proven method that ensures more fun and lower scores.

Get the best custom golf club fit and the best assembled personalized golf clubs in the Buffalo, Toronto, and Niagara region. Clients have driven from Ottawa, Huntsville, Bracebridge , Oakville, Newmarket, Aurora, the greater Toronto area, London, Kitchener Waterloo, and of course closer to home from Welland, St. Catharines, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Fort Erie, Port Colbourne, Hamilton, Anncaster, Simcoe and other locations in the Niagara region. Call to book a club fitting and find out why people drive so far to see me.

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