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Because I am certified as a custom golf club fitter, as a golf swing professional and as a golf fitness instructor; I often get the question phrased something like this.

What should I do first; fitness, swing lessons or custom clubs?

The answer is simple: you cannot build any sports skills on a dysfunctional foundation. So fix the body first. Do not get custom club fitted if your body is hurting due to a recent injury. If you would like some advice about an injury, please fill out the contact form and ask for a phone consultation.

tiger_woodsIf you need proof of the statement above I offer two words: Tiger Woods.

Now to the harder question swing lessons or custom golf clubs? Which should come first?

The answer is simple but not so obvious. And you would be surprised how many teaching professionals and club fitters have this wrong. Custom clubs must come first. I can offer some quotes from renowned golf experts.

jim_mcleanFrom Jim McLean, May issue Golf Digest – “No matter how good your instruction is, ill-fitting clubs will sabotage it every time”.

Peter Kostis: It Might Not be Your Swing, It Might Be Your Equipment

So some of the greatest teachers and players have identified the cause and effect link between clubs and the swing. If you would like more information about the why of the above comments fill out the contact form below.

What do great payers say about custom golf clubs?

”“Find clubs that fit you. It will save you a ton of aggravation from the start. Make sure they aren’t too short, long or heavy. Otherwise, you’ll adapt your swing to the equipment in a way that might not be technically sound. It’s easy to get fit, and it really does matter.” Tiger Woods

“You are only as good as your clubs allow you to be.:” Ben Hogan

I met a club fitter once whose best friend works at Nike on Tiger’s clubs and he talked about the lengths that Tiger goes to get his clubs just right for his swing. The only place you get that kind of attention is at my Power Golf Performance studio.

Golfsmith did a detailed study in the U.S.A. about custom club fitting and their main conclusions should guide your decision whether to get fitted or not.

  1. 90% of amateur golfers are playing the wrong clubs.
  2. 92% of those who were custom club fitted said they see immediate improvement after buying custom clubs.
  3. My clients knock off ten strokes on average in one season
  4. My clients after fitting hit the ball 25 yards longer on average.
  5. All of my clients no matter what skill level hit a higher percentage of shots on the center of the face.

There are some who say, get lessons first but if the fitter is trained like I am in swing and body motion he can fit anyone at any level. I offer you the following proof, a client who has never golfed was fitted and had the following impact pattern with the new clubs I fitted him for and assembled for him.

abcThis client had not played one round of golf in his life at the point of the custom club fitting session. If I can get a total beginner impacts like this imagine what I can do for your game.

When you consider all the evidence on this page, you should call Power Golf for a custom club fitting today. Your game will never be the same. The sooner you call the sooner you will be enjoying golf more!

I think I would be safe in saying that all professional golfers on tour get custom fitted. I know that my swing coach was sponsored by Titleist and he was given a complete day of custom fitting at their performance centre in Carlsbad every year. If a player of that caliber feels the need for custom club fitting it should be a no brainer for that the rest of the golfers would benefit from custom club fitting.


The cost of custom fitting is only $150 at my studio and there are ways to reduce that cost. Fill out the contact form below and I will tell you how to lower that cost.

Read on below about how my other programs can help you go lower.

Get the best custom golf club fit and the best assembled personalized golf clubs in the Buffalo, Toronto, and Niagara region. Clients have driven from Ottawa, Huntsville, Bracebridge , Oakville, Newmarket, Aurora, the greater Toronto area, London, Kitchener Waterloo, and of course closer to home from Welland, St. Catharines, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Fort Erie, Port Colbourne, Hamilton, Anncaster, Simcoe and other locations in the Niagara region. Call to book a club fitting and find out why people drive so far to see me.

At Power Golf we have the best fitting and teaching equipment in Canada which results in higher, longer and straighter shots for you. Guaranteed.


No other studio in Canada has all the tools needed to fit you and/or train you effectively and quicker. We are better than any other option out there.

So why should a novice golfer get fitted?

Why should a novice golfer do golf specific fitness? It will minimize injuries and optimize your golf swing potential and power. This leads to lower scores.

For more information on our golf swing and golf fitness programs fill out the contact form below. For more information on the reasons for getting custom fitted first at Power Golf, fill out the contact form above.